Celebrate 100 years of Goldbears with us!

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Happy Bearsday - You are all invited!

Our Goldbears are turning 100! To celebrate, we have planned many surprises throughout the year! Join us on Instagram and Facebook for more details!

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HARIBO Goldbears - Boardroom Advert

Our HARIBO Goldbears have been delighting kids and grown-ups since 1922! With flavors ranging from pineapple to lemon, the six colorful Goldbears represent one thing above all else: irresistible childlike happiness that’s fun to share!

Which is your favorite Goldbear?

“Tanzbär” gummy bears


The DANCING BEAR sees the light of day

Hans Riegel lays the first foundation stone for HARIBO’s success when he invents the DANCING BEAR – a gummy bear that would one day become world-famous as the legendary HARIBO Goldbear. It was bigger than today’s Goldbears, but also slimmer. Two DANCING BEARS cost just one Pfennig in Germany, which is currently in the grip of inflation.

Goldbear packaging from 1960


The Goldbears are born!

HARIBO Goldbears hit the market. The huge success of the sweet cult product prompts HARIBO to have an official birth certificate issued for the Goldbears: in 1967, the German Patent Office officially recognizes the Goldbears as a registered trademark. They’re simply more than just gummy bears: you’ll find everything you need to know about our no. 1 product here.

M022 history 1961



The first chapter of the Goldbears success story was written during this period: In 1961 was the first launch of the iconic packaging design which core elements have remained an integral part of confectionery shelves until today.

M022 history 1968



HARIBO Goldbears are not only the stars of the confectionery shelves, they perform just as well on the TV stage. In 1968, their advertisements already flickered across German screens for the first time.

Goldbear packaging from the 70s


The Goldbears change their shape

Customers’ aesthetic sensibilities change in the 70s, and with them the shape of the Goldbears: the feet, which stick out relatively far, are shortened and the Goldbears are given their compact, stylized appearance, which they still have to this day.

Goldbear packaging from 1989, Goldbear with red bow


New colours for the Goldbears

The Goldbears get a makeover: the fruit and plant concentrates used make the colours a little softer. The yellow Goldbear illustration with red bow tie appears on the packaging for the first time.

08 Green V2


85 years of HARIBO Goldbears

For their 85th birthday, the Goldbears are given a new flavour, a new bag design and a uniform, cheerful smile. Apple is the sixth flavour to join the ranks. For consumers, that means that the Goldbears are now even fruitier!

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100 years young

A reason to celebrate! The Goldbears are turning 100 years young!


10 times

If we lined up all the Goldbears produced in a year, they would reach around the earth ten times.

Illustration of Goldbears surrounding the globe