DIY Easter gift jars

No one can refuse an Easter jar in honour. On the contrary: everyone will love it. Creatively decorated and sweetly filled, it is the colourful Easter nest to seal.

M003 desktop Stage Easter Gift Glas Package1
M003 mobile Stage Easter Gift Glas Package1

Ingredients & decoration

For handicrafts

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive film (e.g. book cover or blackboard film)
  • Screw-top jars
  • Newspaper as a base
  • Coloured spray paint
  • Napkins with a spring pattern
  • String or ribbon

For filling

  • HARIBO Eggs Galore
  • HARIBO Jelly Bunnies
  • All other HARIBO favourites of your choice

This is how it works

1. Drawing & gluing

Draw your favourite motif, e.g. a rabbit, on the paper or print out a template from the internet. Cut it out, place it on the adhesive film, trace it and cut it out again. Stick the film with the motif in the centre of the screw-top jars.

2. Spray & dry

Place the jars outside on a newspaper base and spray them with spray paint in the desired colour. Keep about 30 cm away from the jars. Then leave to dry completely.

3. Filling & sealing

Then remove the adhesive foil from the jars and fill the screw-top jars with the HARIBO favourites. Place a napkin on the lid of each jar and tie it decoratively with a string.