HARIBO Halloween Countdown

Here is your little HARIBO hub of horrors, where you can have spooktacular fun discovering hints, tips, tricks and hacks for all the family to enjoy as you countdown to Halloweeeeeeeen!

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Discover the tricks to accompany the treats

We are on a mission to help families to have the best Halloween yet!

To help you get started, we have called upon this year’s special #TeamHalloween. They have created 13 tricks, hacks, makes and bakes that you can recreate and enjoy alongside HARIBO’s tasty selection of seasonal treats, which are themed, fun and delicious.

We’d love you to join in and share the Halloween fun. Simply post your ideas and don’t forget to tag us using #TeamHalloween.

Let’s have the biggest and best HARIBO Halloween celebration ever. Just scroll down to get Halloween started!

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