Technical Trainer - Mogul

Reporting to the Head of Operations, the Technical Trainer utilizes their years of intracompany technical operational experience to assist in building the capabilities of the hourly operators in the United States, training and educating them on the required job related duties. The two-year assignment to support the vertical startup of the new Pleasant Prairie facility The Technical Trainer is a steward of our people centric culture, builds people capability and competency through effective coaching, training, and communication for front-line hourly associates. The Technical Trainer will be responsible for coaching for compliance, participating in investigations as well as assisting with continuous improvement. This role is also responsible for proactively reporting and partnering in resolving, any food safety/quality problems. In addition, the Technical Trainer will collaborate with support functions to identify and resolve unplanned inefficiencies, events, quality, safety, cost and other losses attributed to the area, using problem solving techniques and a continuous improvement mindset.


Responsible for training and coaching others in the assigned areas to ensure associates are learning the HARIBO standards.

Responsible for creating training checklists, visual guides and troubleshooting guides as well as other learning tools to ensure a robust train the trainer plan is in place for future trainings.

Manage the capability building for hourly operators and the training and education necessary to build the job related skills needed to perform all required duties, safely and effectively, meeting HARIBO’s high standards.

Provide proactive Safety leadership for the line(s), coaching and holding associates accountable that are not in compliance with the ultimate goal of proactively preventing any accidents in the Plant.

Ensure associates are trained on how to produce quality product that is in-specification and right the first time. Ensure training on all quality parameter checks are being done correctly, on-time and recorded. Additionally provide training on the process of the audit systems for their shift.

Initiate and drive root cause identification activities and implement corrective action and preventative action plans for line losses.

Take necessary corrective actions and inform the line manager in times of deviation from our quality and efficiency standards, ensuring integrity and transparency in our operations.

Promote and maintain good employee relations on the line, both personally and with the Team Leads and extended teams. Lead the team leads and extended team by providing coaching in conjunction with regular reviews and training, to maintain a high morale on the line.

Builds relationships with teammates and colleagues so that coaching efforts are received in a positive and developmental manner.

Partners with the line Technical Support Team to ensure each process and equipment on the line has a centerline and Standard Operating Procedures are identified, including all quality and safety protocols.

Work with, collaborate and cooperate with the line workers to ensure training commitments are achieved.

Monitor line performance and ensure output, labor and material yield standards are achieved. Maintain a critical work plan for the line, to systematically address problems and implement improvements to achieve year-over-year cost reduction.

Conducts trainings for line workers on inspection of and routine preventative maintenance on assigned equipment.

Trains others on communicating pertinent information to next shift.

Follow Good Manufacturing Practices.

Follow all required work safe practices. This would include wearing of all required PPE in designated areas, confined space safety, safe chemical handling, fall restraints, etc.

Other duties as assigned.


High School Diploma or GED Required. Bachelor’s Degree preferred.

Minimum of 10 Years of HARIBO Manufacturing Mogul Experience required, with a high degree of technical capability and the ability to transfer that knowledge to others.

Requires the ability to train and coach others for success.

Supervisory experience is required.

Ability to speak English is required.

Computer proficiency (MS Word, Excel, SAP) systems preferred.

Excellent Communication Skills (Verbal and Written).

Excellent Time Management Skills.

Able to successfully coordinate with other functions to ensure project success.

Available to work flexible hours and days as needed to meet business demands.

TPM and/or Lean manufacturing experience is preferred.

Ability to lead, develop, direct and hold others accountable to HARIBO’s high standards.

Advanced troubleshooting skills and mechanical aptitude

Requires an in-depth understanding of processing machine operations, including vats, kettles, pumps, values and ability to follow a recipe.

Requires the development of a working knowledge of their assigned area along with a commitment to continuous improvement.

Requires basic mathematical skills to be able to add, subtract, multiply, divide, work with percentages, and have basic knowledge of algebra as well as make fine adjustments in equipment settings.

Ability to work efficiently and safely.

Able to stand for long time periods to monitor production process and lift up to 50 pounds.

Requires teamwork ability; works well with others and communicates effectively with all associates.

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