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Supermix shows softer side with new TVC

Part of a £1.3m investment, Supermix will be on air for nine weeks from 23rd July. The new advert features a powerful juxtaposition between a hard, cool rock band who, upon opening a pack of Supermix, reveal their softer, more childlike side.


Communicated through the use of the infamous kids’ voices, which is fun and full of humour, Supermix is the latest instalment of the popular concept that has quickly become synonymous with the HARIBO brand.


Hayley Nixon, Marketing Manager at HARIBO UK comments:


“Supermix is packed with soft eating experiences which we have enhanced with a new mix. This has been brought to life perfectly though our new TV creative and our use of characters - an unlikely group of softies who capture the soft side of Supermix.


“Creating a strong contrast between the hard exterior, which is typically portrayed by a rock band, and the softer feelings that Supermix evokes has resulted in a fun yet familiar concept.”

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