Whistleblower system

Compliance with laws and internal regulations is a priority at HARIBO and is essential to protecting our company, our employees and our business partners from major risks. Any possible misconduct at HARIBO therefore has to be identified, dealt with and stopped as quickly as possible.

We are aided in this by the alertness of those we work with, as well as their willingness to flag up potential serious misconduct where there is concrete evidence that something is not right. We greatly appreciate such information from suppliers, customers and other third parties. HARIBO has set up a whistleblower system so that this information can be passed on. It is available at


around the clock and whistleblowers can choose to remain completely anonymous. Details about how it works, the anonymity of the whistleblower and data protection are available in the FAQ in the whistleblower system.

The whistleblower system is designed solely for information regarding serious misconduct. This may include:

  • Criminal offences against HARIBO, such as bribery, misappropriation or theft
  • Acts that expose HARIBO to the risk of significant penalties, compensation claims or fines, such as antitrust violations, money laundering or grossly inadequate occupational safety
  • Conduct that violates human rights, for example, by accepting child or slave labour, or that constitutes a significant disregard for environmental protection or anti-discrimination regulations.

Please use other reporting channels such as your usual contact person at HARIBO, our Consumer Service or the HR division to point out less serious misconduct.