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Employee examining finished fruit gummy figures
Employee examining finished fruit gummy figures

Fruit gummies: colourful variety

Production – with attention to detail
Our HARIBO fruit gummies have brought joy to everyday life for 100 years. With such diversity in shapes and flavours, there is something for everyone. Each and every HARIBO fruit gummy figure begins with a creative idea and is first sketched by hand. This template is then used to create a 3D sample drawing for a high-tech milling machine, which produces a plaster prototype. Once the new shape is perfect, several hundred stamps are created for production.

The figures – cast in the same mould

The figures are cast from a hot fruit gummy mass that has already been coloured with fruit and plant extracts. Mould casting requires shallow powder-filled trays, which are filled with smoothly levelled corn starch powder. During production, the figure stamps are inserted into the powder trays from above, leaving behind an impression. A conveyor belt then transports the trays to the next station, where nozzles fill the negative moulds with liquid fruit gummy in mere fractions of a second. The new fruit gummies then have plenty of time to solidify in drying rooms. Finally, a wax film is applied, giving them a sheen and preventing them from sticking together.

Special shapes – created with high pressure
The production process for extruded products is somewhat different: the high-pressure nozzles press the fruit gummy mass into the desired shape, creating for example, a fruit gummy wheel. Whether pressed or cast, HARIBO’s fruit gummy varieties bring joy to everyday life.

Around 1,000

different products are produced by HARIBO worldwide.

1000 product pieces (M017, Facts)