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Mitarbeiterin begutachtet fertig gegossene Fruchtgummi-Figuren
Employee examining fully moulded fruit gummy figures

fruit gummy: Colourful variety

Our HARIBO fruit gums have been bringing happiness to people’s lives for 100 years. With the wide variety of shapes and flavours, there is something for everyone.

Production – with attention to detail
Behind every HARIBO fruit gum figure is a creative idea. Each new product is first sketched by hand. This template is then used to create a 3D sample drawing for a high-tech milling machine, which produces a plaster prototype. Once the new shape is perfect, several hundred stamps are created for production.

The figures – all made together
The figures are cast from a hot fruit gum mass, which is first coloured using fruit and plant extracts. Mould casting requires shallow powder filled trays, which are filled with smoothly levelled corn starch powder. During production, the figure stamps are inserted into the powder trays from above, leaving behind an impression. A conveyor belt then transports the trays to the next station, where nozzles fill the negative moulds with liquid fruit gummy in mere fractions of a second.

The new fruit gums are then given a long period of time to set in dry rooms. Finally, they get a wax coating, which gives them a shiny appearance and prevents them from sticking together.

Special shapes – pressed at high pressure

The production process for extrusion products is a little different: the high-pressure nozzles press the fruit gummy mass into the desired shape, creating for example, a fruit gummy wheel. Be it pressed or cast – the HARIBO range of fruit gums brings happiness to people’s lives every day.

MAOAM: the popular fruit chew

When you think of chewy sweets, you think of MAOAM. The popular brand has been part of the HARIBO family since 1986.

Production – with a special bite
The first step of MAOAM production is to mix the different types of sugar in water and heat them up. Then, ingredients such as gelling agents and some fat are added to the hot mass, which is whisked well using a machine. The chewy sweet mass is stretched out and passes through a long cooling tunnel. The stretching gives the chewy sweets their soft consistency and white colour. For the distinctive shape of the MAOAM Bloxx, the mass is cut into angled shapes and packed together colourfully. For the MAOAM Kracher, the chewy mass is pressed mechanically into a round shape. The sweets are then coated in their distinctive colours and sugar solution during the sugar-coating process, which gives them their lustre and special bite.

Around 1,000

... different products are made by HARIBO worldwide.

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