Earning trust – our products

The highest quality and transparency are essential to ensure that we uphold our greatest asset in future – the trust of our consumers.

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The great trust of our consumers helped us to grow into an international player from the confectionery kitchen in Bonn. We now have a presence on five continents and 100 million HARIBO Goldbears leave our factories each day alone. There are two things that haven’t changed throughout all this: We have remained a family business. And we have stuck to our uncompromising commitment to the quality of our products. We can rely on these foundations as we continue to fulfil the greater responsibility that comes with being an international confectionery company.

Quality as a mindset

The HARIBO mindset of ‘Quality first’ has been a firm part of our corporate values since the company was founded in 1920. Excellent quality is not a phrase that we use lightly – it is enshrined in our principles and fundamental to our day-to-day activities. Quality begins with the product development stage and our use of flawless raw materials, which we check carefully with regular lab analysis and inspection of incoming goods before they are used. As a further part of our commitment to excellent quality, we also monitor every individual process step in production and carry out stringent checks to guarantee outstanding product safety. The result is HARIBO products that delight consumers with their freshness and flavours, as well as their consistency and appearance.

Quality as part of management

We rely on adherence to first-class quality throughout the logistics chain and right through to our Consumer Service. To guarantee this, HARIBO has put in place a comprehensive international quality management system based on the legal requirements that apply to food manufacturing. The relevant authorities conduct regular and unannounced checks to ensure compliance with these standards – for instance, to verify that the principles of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) are applied. But our commitment goes further – for instance, we have independent auditors certify all HARIBO production sites annually in accordance with the internationally recognised food safety standard FSSC 22000. Our internal team of auditors also carries out regular unannounced checks to ensure compliance with various parameters, such as the standards for recipes, hygiene or processes.

You can find out more about our quality management system here.

Responsible sweet production not only involves top-quality materials (ingredients) and safe, high-quality production and delivery, but also transparent information for consumers. HARIBO offers this through numerous channels, such as:

We want to enable our consumers to make informed decisions. As part of our transparent consumer information, we have made a voluntary commitment to target our advertising at adults.

HARIBO products are all about enjoyment, top quality and responsible production. This has been the case since 1920 and will remain a key philosophy and a commitment of our family company.