From a small sweets company to a global market leader

The HARIBO brand is unique, just like the history of our successful family business, which began at a courtyard laundry 100 years ago.

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HARIBO Goldbear greets a visitor in front of the company headquarters
HARIBO Goldbear greets visitors in front of the company headquarters in Grafschaft, Germany

Everything is top-quality, from the ingredients to the Goldbear. Why? Because we do everything in our power to make it that way.

Flavour expert testing the scent of the Goldbears

Attention to detail goes into each and every Goldbear. How? A look inside production can show you.

Employee examining finished fruit gummy figures

HARIBO currently has ten stores located in Pontefract, York, Cheshire, Somerset, Kent, West Midlands, East Midlands, Essex, Swindon and Portsmouth

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The family business can look back on a unique success story.

Historic HARIBO advert, a drawing of kids enjoying fruit gums and liquorice specialties.

98 %

HARIBO is one of the top brands and for good reason: kids and grown-ups love it so. HARIBO has achieved brand awareness of 98% in the UK.

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