High quality is our top priority

Fresh and safe HARIBO products – that’s something consumers can count on!

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Quality from start to "yummy"

We live our quality standard on every level. Making sure our customers always enjoy an immaculate product.

Everything first-rate, from the ingredients to the Goldbear

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Product development

For each new recipe, we carefully check the quality of the individual ingredients and thoroughly test the flavour, scent and consistency of the finished new creation – until the recipe is perfect.

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Incoming goods

Quality also means using perfect raw materials in the production of sweets. Before it can be used for processing, each raw material is intensively checked and analysed in the lab once it arrives.

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Each and every production step is very stringently checked to ensure compliance with hygiene, process and recipe requirements. HARIBO is certified in accordance with FSSC 22000 – a food safety standard that goes far beyond the stringent legal requirements.

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Intelligent warehouse logistics ensure that our sweets are available at all times. And our goods always leave the facility as soon as possible, so that our customers have fresh, perfect HARIBO products.

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Customers and consumers

We advise retail partners on the right storage conditions for our sweets to prevent any loss in quality inside the shop. Consumers can thus be sure to find HARIBO products with full quality in terms of flavour, consistency and appearance, anywhere and at any time.

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HARIBO Turkey - Halal certificates for our Turkish products

The production in HARIBO Turkey is carried out in accordance with Halal standards.

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