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Today – A Growing Success

All of the changes since the acquisition of Dunhills in 1972, have helped HARIBO to achieve year on year growth, placing the company in the position of market leader within its category with a market value in excess of £185 million.*

Today gums and jellies have superseded the popularity of the original Pontefract Cake.  Starmix, Tangfastics and Super Mix are now top selling items, making HARIBO the No. 1 Gums and Jellies brand in the UK.

HARIBO's biggest advantage over its competitors continues to be its large range of product and format offering something for everyone.

The future for HARIBO is one of continued innovation and development ensuring kids and grown-ups love it so.


*Source: IRI Marketplace value sales full year 2018


Fruchtgummi Herstellung

How the Goldbears get into the bag!

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