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HARIBO jellies – the ingredients

HARIBO sets high benchmarks when it comes to the ingredients used for its products. Only absolutely perfect raw materials are used to manufacture HARIBO products.

Fruit gum products are made from a mixture of glucose syrup, sugar and a gelling agent such as gelatine or starch, for example. Other ingredients such as fruit and vegetable concentrates, flavourings, starch and a little citric acid are then added to this mixture.


HARIBO has been delivering treats for almost 100 years; during these many years, the company has gained extensive manufacturing experience in this area. Each different gelling agent (gelatine, starch, agar-agar etc.) results in a different consistency. Many HARIBO fans particularly appreciate the consistency of those of our products that contain gelatine – they have often done so for several generations – and do not want this consistency to change. However, HARIBO is of course also aware of the fact that products that contain gelatin do not meet every consumer's needs. For this reason, HARIBO also offers alternative fruit gum products – another long-standing company tradition – that are made with starch, agar-agar or Gellan gum, respectively do not contain any ingredients of animal origin whatsoever.

Gelatine – the alternative to Gummi arabicum

Since the eighties, HARIBO have generally been using gelatine in place of the Gummi arabicum which had been used most frequently as a basic ingredient until this time. Gelatine contains neither fats nor carbohydrates.


Some jelly products are also made with starch which means that they can be enjoyed by vegetarians.  


Since the end of the eighties, HARIBO products have obtained their colourful appearance as a result of the use of fruit and plant extract concentrates. Mixtures containing fruit preparations such as blackcurrants, oranges, lemons, elderberries, red currants, aronia, grape, spinach, nettle, passion fruit, mango, carrots, kiwi and apple produce the necessary colours.

HARIBO Double deposited

HARIBO double deposited products are made up of a foam and jelly combination, like the famous fried eggs from Starmix.

The production process

Fruchtgummi Herstellung

How the GOLDBEARS get into the bag

Find out more about production

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