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Hunt with HARIBO this Easter

Whether you are looking for a tasty gift, something to share with family and friends or a portion controlled treat to hide around the house or garden, you’d be hopping mad to miss out on HARIBO this Easter.

Bring the fun to the Easter Hunt with HARIBO’s Easter Hunt multi-pack. Packed with gums and jellies in bunny, chick and lamb shaped pieces, the Easter Hunt contains a selection of portion controlled treats containing either 9 or 18 bags that are ideal for the Easter bunny to hide.

Make sure you get your paws on the Easter Hunt Bucket that’s springing back onto the shelves for the season. This themed bucket features 32 mini bags, plus some extra goodies including Easter hunting tips, clue cards and stickers.

For those that don’t want to hunt for a treat this Easter, HARIBO has also unveiled Jelly Bunnies, a brand new treat especially for Easter. Bringing together jelly bunny shaped pieces with the popular texture found in Jelly Babies, you’ll be hopping mad to miss this tasty, new addition.

Available in two sharing bags and gifting boxes, there’s a treat that’s perfect for one or more people!

It’s no ‘yolk’ - why not give the gift of a tasty alternative to chocolate eggs this Easter? HARIBO Chick ‘n’ Mix is new to the gifting range and features a selection of tasty jelly, foam and marshmallow treats – tweet, tweet!

Hop, hop hurray, HARIBO has an Easter Fun bag that is perfect for sharing. Bringing together gums and jellies in bunny, chick and lamb shaped pieces, this tasty treat is ideal for the Easter occasion.

There’s also HARIBO Fizzy Farm Animals that have been created using the popular Tangfastics original sour mix recipe, whilst HARIBO Spring Time Friends, with cute sheep, bunny and chick shapes, not only taste delicious, but are perfect to get you in the mood for Spring.

With HARIBO’s range of delicious seasonal treats you’re guaranteed to have an ‘eggstra-special’ Easter!

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