HARIBO launches Chewy Channel Instagram video series and receives industry recognition

In today’s world we’re surrounded by digital content, and our attention spans are shrinking. So to break through the clutter, we shrank our posts – transforming HARIBO social feeds with bite-sized, must-stream content. This new platform, the Chewy Channel, set out to engage consumers through something they already do – playing with the fun shapes of our gummi treats and bringing them to life.

As the world’s first micro-binge network, Chewy Channel wanted to do something unexpected that inspired more conversations with gummi fans than ever before. With Office Sitcoms, Westerns and Magical Dramas, Chewy Channel borrows from all the classic streaming service tropes made popular by Netflix, Hulu, and HBO, including original scores, holiday specials and even interstitial episode screens.

In 2020 Chewy Channel was recognized with two esteemed Shorty Awards for Best Use of IGTV and Best Use of Native Advertising. These awards honor the effective and creative use of video via IGTV and incorporation of native advertising in a social media marketing campaign. Chewy Channel was also awarded the Bronze Distinction for Best Branded Series.

Chewy Channel premieres new original content every month, check it out on IGTV!

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