HARIBO Launches Unicorn-i-licious, its First-Ever Unicorn Gummi Treat

HARIBO, America's #1 gummi brand, has launched a brand-new gummi variety: Unicorn-i-licious, a magical treat that is as colorful and cute as it is tasty. This enchanting new gummi features a rainbow array of adorable unicorns in six unique flavors: Apple, Blue Raspberry, Berry Punch, Banana, and for the first time, Cotton Candy and Tangerine. Consumers are saying this fantastical new product isn't just delicious…it's Unicorn-i-licious!

"At HARIBO we're on a mission to inspire childlike happiness for fans everywhere, and we know that feeling will be even more special when they open a bag of Unicorn-i-licious," said Seth Klugherz, Vice President of Marketing, HARIBO of America, Inc. "We were inspired to create Unicorn-i-licious because we know consumers need joy in everyday moments, and so much of that joy goes back to the simplicity of childhood. The playfulness and nostalgia of unicorns coupled with the new flavors are sure to delight, and that's when the magic really begins!"

This tasty new variety is HARIBO's first unicorn gummi treat in its global assortment and is exclusive to the U.S. market. Unicorn-i-licious combines HARIBO's signature chew with whimsical unicorn shapes, and the magic really happens when consumers enjoy the bouncy texture and juicy flavors. The newest flavor, Cotton Candy, has never been featured in a U.S. HARIBO product, and its debut in a unicorn-shape makes Unicorn-i-licious undeniably sweeter.

Unicorn-i-licious joins a portfolio of more than 25 different HARIBO gummi varieties in the U.S., including fan-favorites like Goldbears, Twin Snakes, Starmix, Happy Cola and Happy Cherries. Unicorn-i-licious is the first new-to-market gummi innovation from HARIBO in 2024 and is available nationwide at U.S. retailers.

Unicorn-i-licious marks the beginning of HARIBO's exciting gummi releases, creative collaborations, and sweet surprises for fans planned this year.