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2007 – 85 years of HARIBO GOLD-BEARS!

For the 85th birthday of the GOLD-BEARS in Germany, the GOLD-BEARS got a new recipe, a new bag design, and a smiling face. A sixth flavor "Apple" was also added in Germany.

2007 – Chamallows - Finest foam sugar

In mid 2007, the Dulcia products were switched over to the HARIBO brand Chamallows in order to ensure a worldwide uniform brand presence.

The company Dulcia (lat. soft, sweet) was founded by Grégorius Nuyts in 1950 in Deurne in Belgium. In 1962, the company moved to Kontich where the four children of the founder continued to operate the company. Ten years later a disastrous fire destroyed the production facilities. As quickly as possible, they rebuilt, fitting the facilities with the latest in manufacturing technology and modern machinery.

For the consumer, the integration of Dulcia into the HARIBO group in 1996 didn't change much. HARIBO is a guarantee for the traditional high quality of the products which are made in Belgium and have gone by the name HARIBO Chamallows since 2007.

The brand name HARIBO Chamallows continues to represent the finest foam sugar products!

These product are currently unavailable in the US market.



Fruchtgummi Herstellung

How the Gold-Bears get into the bag!

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