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HARIBO Co-owner Dr Hans Riegel Passes Away at the Age of 90

With a heavy heart and deepest regret, we hereby announce the sad news that Dr Hans Riegel has passed away in Bonn today at the age of ninety. Following the successful removal of a benign brain tumour, he had been successfully convalescing in an inpatient rehabilitation centre before this morning's sudden and unexpected heart failure.


HARIBO of America will launch its New Happy Cola TV Ad

HARIBO of America will launch its NEW Nationwide TV advertising campaign for the fourth consecutive year promoting Gold-Bears and introducing its New Happy Cola TV Ad targeting families with children. The new Happy Cola ad will start running in February at the same time as the Gold-Bears Big Order Ad. The premise of the new Happy Cola TV spot is to continue the 2011 and 2012 theme of kids running the company. The ad will feature Haribo kid executives in the Happy Cola factory talking about the “Big Cola flavor in the world’s smallest bottle”.


Flacco eats Haribo Gold-Bears

Minutes before Monday's flight to New Orleans, Baltimore quarterback Joe Flacco was seen with his favorite treat: Haribo Gold-Bears. The original gummi bears are Flacco's go-to choice while prepping for the big game. Known for his sweet tooth, Flacco's favorite flavor is Pineapple.

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