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HARIBO Co-owner Dr Hans Riegel Passes Away at the Age of 90

With a heavy heart and deepest regret, we hereby announce the sad news that Dr Hans Riegel has passed away in Bonn today at the age of ninety. Following the successful removal of a benign brain tumour, he had been successfully convalescing in an inpatient rehabilitation centre before this morning's sudden and unexpected heart failure.

We are mourning an exceptional business man and also an outstanding personality who will be remembered by many as a friend and supporter, a mentor and not least also an inspiring role model. His pioneering spirit led to the establishment of a company that is unique in the world, and the creation of a brand whose global profile and popularity are almost unrivalled.

We owe Dr Hans Riegel a debt of thanks, as he had the foresight to change the company's direction in time to ensure its successful future and steady growth. All of us are now called upon to continue his lifetime's work together.

Dr Hans Riegel dedicated his life to HARIBO, passionately pursuing the vision that the HARIBO brand should bring a ray of sunshine into people's everyday lives right until the end.

Our deepest sympathies go to Dr Hans Riegel's relatives, friends and close companions. May they find the strength necessary to overcome this painful loss with fortitude.

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