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1994 - New Ideas

In 1994 HARIBO acquired the remaining shares in the Dunhills firm. Since then HARIBO UK has been largely responsible for a revolution in children's confectionery. 
Whilst ensuring that the traditions of Dunhills were maintained, HARIBO introduced their own production and packaging methods to the company. New recipes and manufacturing methods helped to improve product quality. HARIBO brought new recipes, as well as gelatine manufacturing technology from Germany, which greatly improved the product quality. Furthermore, the Company pioneered the use of PVC drums in the UK 
Before HARIBO introduced their new ideas and began to increase their focus on the English market, the entire gums and jellies market seemed to be lacking innovation and was in need of a shake-up. HARIBO decided to focus their efforts on developing the appeal of other gums and jellies amongst children, launching novelty shapes in drums to be sold as single pieces and introducing a range of HARIBO branded bag "mixes" containing a selection of novelty shapes.


Fruchtgummi Herstellung

How the Goldbears get into the bag!

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