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1994 - New Ideas

In 1994 HARIBO took the final step to fully acquire Dunhills, this marked the start of an exciting journey to becoming the UK’s leading confectioner.

Whilst the Dunhills legacy lived on, with HARIBO maintaining many of the traditions that had been developed, new production and packaging methods were introduced to improve and delivery the quality that is loved and expected from the brand.

With its reputation for fun innovations HARIBO set about revolutionising the UK’s sweets market by introducing novelty shaped gums and jellies that were sold in drums, which many recognise as penny sweets.

Surprising and delighting kids and adults, HARIBO went on to create its own unique mixes, bringing family favourites together in one bag to create what have become amongst the UK’s most popular sweets.

Starmix, which is now the UK’s number one treat recognised for its five iconic pieces, was the first to launch in 1995. Super Mix, combining its squishy and soft textures,  followed in 1996 and in 1997 the HARIBO ‘tang’ was introduced, with Tangfastics reaching the confectionery aisle.


Fruchtgummi Herstellung

How the Goldbears get into the bag!

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