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Officially opening on Friday 15th December, the new store will showcase party packs and sharing bags to complement the amazing selection of treats that are already available throughout the UK.

 Family favourites, including Starmix and Tangfastics, will be on offer alongside a selection of HARIBO products from around the world, including halal and vegetarian sweets. Shoppers will also be able to purchase exclusive merchandise.

 Herwig Vennekens, Managing Director of HARIBO UK, comments: “We are all very excited to be opening our first Outlet store, it will certainly provide a glimpse into the happy world of HARIBO whilst demonstrating the fantastic range of products that we have on offer from around the world.”

 Positioned as the capital’s only fashion and lifestyle outlet centre, London Designer Outlet features 70 shops and restaurants, a cinema complex and children's play park. 

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