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Musée du Bonbon

„Musée du Bonbon" in Südfrankreich / Uzès

In May 1996, HARIBO opened the "Musée du Bonbon“ in the South of France/Uzès. In the small town in the South of France, the museum offers a wonderful insight into the history of the production of liquorice, fruit gums and bonbons.

The "Musée du Bonbon“ with its hundreds of old exhibits and documents is a unique place. Fans and friends of old advertising materials from the time around the turn of the first millennium will rejoice in a wide range of historical posters and packaging of all kinds.

Old machines and facilities are used to demonstrate the history of confectionary to the visitor. These have been reconstructed true to their original form. And of course, HARIBO makes a considerable contribution to this story.

The "Musée du Bonbon" offers unusual attractions. Both children and adults can see the production of HARIBO GOLDBEARS for real in a specially created casting machine. And a packaging machine that delivers ready packed bags can also be set in motion.

A museum that is well worth the trip!


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