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Ice Cream Dream

Stop imagining, start "dreaming"! HARIBO Ice Cream Dream is coming to become one of the indispensable players of summertime. It will amaze you with its caramelized flavor!


HARIBO has the perfect treat for you this summer. HARIBO FutbolMix; themed jellies that are ideal for joining in the sporting fun! FutbolMix contains fruit flavoured jelly candy in the shape of a football, shirts, boots and the hariboy with a ball. Ideal for sharing with friends and family, FutbolMix is an affordable half time treat. The tasty selection of football themed pieces are also great to share in bowls at parties and during the summer celebrations.

Special limited editions bags of FutbolMix are on shelf now and are sure to hit the back of the net with fans of HARIBO’s tasty treats.

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