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The thirties - The TEDDY BEAR and a fantastic advertising slogan

By 1930, HARIBO had 160 employees and a comprehensive sales organisation made up of trade representatives supplied all of Germany with HARIBO products.

In the thirties, the HARIBO product range added another relative of the DANCING BEAR: the TEDDY BEAR. This bear was smaller and rounder and represented the edible version of the popular cuddly toy. The TEDDY BEARS were named after the 26th president of the US (1901–1909), Theodore Roosevelt (1858–1919) who was a passionate hunter with a particular penchant for bears. At official events, he was often presented with toy bears which soon became known as Teddy Bears after the short form of his name.

Another stroke of genius from HARIBO in the middle of the thirties was the simple but memorable advertising slogan "HARIBO macht Kinder froh" (HARIBO makes children happy). From 1930–1933, the main construction of today's factory plant in Bonn was completed. Immediately before the Second World War, the company had a solid medium-sized business with around 400 employees.



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