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Are HARIBO Products HALAL?

ONLY Haribo products that are manufactured in our factory in Turkey are halal.  You can find the country of origin on the back of all our packages.

Are HARIBO products kosher?

Haribo products are not kosher. There is however, a kosher line of Haribo sold exclusively through Paskesz.

Can I buy HARIBO products directly from you?

Please use the PRODUCT LOCATOR section of this website to see where you can buy HARIBO gummi candy in your area.

Do HARIBO products contain any allergens?

The following Haribo products contain wheat flour: Rotella Wheels and Fruit and Cola Wheels.

Does HARIBO offer factory tours?

The production of HARIBO products is subject to extremely high and internationally standardized hygiene and quality standards. The "International Food Standard“ (IFS) serves to ensure the highest possible levels of food safety for the consumer. This means that in order to protect the entire production and filling process it is not possible for groups of visitors to be shown through the factories.

What are the flavors of the HARIBO GOLD-BEARS?

The flavours of the Gold-Bears are: Strawberry, Orange, Pineapple, Raspberry, Lemon, Apple.

Where does the name HARIBO come from?

The name HARIBO comes from HAns RIegel BOnn. Hans Riegel was the founder of the company, born in 1898 in Friesdorf (a region of Bonn, Germany). In 1920, the company was registered into the Bonn trade register as HARIBO, an acronym of his name and the place Bonn.

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