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2011 - Modernisation in large steps

Relaunching www.haribo.com - Planet HARIBO becomes HARIBO CITY

After eight successful years, Planet HARIBO is disappearing into the depths of outer space and making way for a modern, imaginative 3-D neighborhood: HARIBO CITY.

Entertainment, information and shopping: A unique web platform for the whole family – in keeping with the motto, “Kids and grown-ups love it so – the happy world of Haribo”!

The best quality, tradition, trends and above all a contemporary, dynamic image – that’s what the HARIBO brand has represented for more than 90 years. The new web presence embodies these concepts in an ingenious way, on three platforms: the corporate website, the online multimedia world of HARIBO CITY and the innovative HARIBO online shop system. 

Flawless online communication, an ideal representation of the company, and a fresh, clean design were important components for the web relaunch. The new HARIBO web presence creates the perfect bridge to the brand with current issues and campaigns – and of course social media activities.

HARIBO opens a fully automated high-rack warehouse / finished-goods warehouse in Solingen

After 18 months of construction, the day has finally come: HARIBO will open its new finished-goods warehouse in Solingen on October 8, 2011. HARIBO co-owners Dr. Hans Riegel, Arndt Rüsges (Managing Director, HARIBO), Mayor Norbert Feith and Dr. Volker Jungbluth (Managing Director, Swisslog Deutschland) will inaugurate the new warehouse by addressing numerous employees and their families as well as invited guests. The finished-goods warehouse will be symbolically opened with the touch of a button by co-owner Dr. Hans Riegel, Managing Director Arndt Rüsges and the HARIBO Goldbear.


Fruchtgummi Herstellung

How the Goldbears get into the bag!

Find out more about production

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