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HARIBO TURKEY, besides it's international brand HARIBO, owns the world-wide known brand PAMİR which has been producing Jelly, Marshmallow products since 1993 and also owns the ÇOOK ŞEKER brand, which is identified with sugar stores. In Turkey, it's possible to reach the taste of HARIBO in almost 95 ÇOOK ŞEKER stores, which reside in malls.

In it's factory in Turkey, HARIBO Turkey employs 300 people, and exports 70% of it's production. Also with it's professional crew, HARIBO Turkey produces more than 750 soft candy products.

For 91 years, with flavours trusted world-wide, HARIBO earned the trust of both young and adult people and feels pride in producing it's best products for the Turkish citizens in it's new facilities.

In the Europe's biggest consumer research which is done according to candy marketing in the year 2003, HARIBO has been chosen for "Europe's most trusted brand".

In 2001, having been working in Turkey for 10 years, HARIBO bought 100% of Pamir Gıda and started producing as HARIBO Turkey and started business with it's most modern production facilities in Istanbul/Hadımköy in 2004.


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