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A short biography of Dr Hans Riegel

After the Second World War, Hans Riegel Jr. and his brother Paul Riegel started the difficult task of rebuilding the HARIBO company, which their father Hans Riegel had founded in Bonn in 1920.

The brothers divided the responsibilities. Hans Riegel Jr. looked after the business management side whilst his younger brother Paul Riegel († 2009) took over the technical management. This division of responsibilities, established in the early years of the company, proved to be extremely successful and continues to this day.

Hans Riegel Jr. obtained his doctorate in economics at the University of Bonn in 1947. Dr Hans Riegel then went on to also prove his respective talents in the everyday running of a business by developing innovative products that were always trendsetting. In order to maintain this momentum, he had to keep on finding out what "his" target group thought and fancied. He took his inspiration from children's TV series, magazines aimed at young people, and comics. "I love children. They are my customers. I have to be aware of what sweets appeal to them, what they think, of the language they are speaking," Dr Hans Riegel explained his methods. He was therefore always passionately interested in keeping in contact with young people, particularly his company's trainees and apprentices, frequently even inviting them to his birthday celebrations. It was especially this open-mindedness towards new things and the consistently high quality standards that guaranteed HARIBO's long-lasting, ongoing success. He felt the need to share some of this success with the people who inspired it, fulfilling this need through the establishment of the Hans Riegel Foundation for the promotion of talented young people.

In recognition of his numerous achievements, Dr Riegel was awarded the Bundesverdienstkreuz 1. Klasse (Federal Cross of Merit, First Class) as early as 1994 for his outstanding commitment to social responsibility as well as his services regarding the promotion of sports, in particular the sport of badminton, still relatively unknown in Germany at the time. He himself gained several titles in the German badminton championships. Dr Hans Riegel on his achievements: "They were all things that I enjoyed doing, and did spontaneously." In 2009, Dr Riegel was honoured with the "Grand Decoration in Gold for Services to the Republic of Austria" in recognition of the decades of special interest he had shown in Austria, and his commitment to the country, a result of his particular fondness for Austria's Steiermark region. This is where he used to unwind, in the unique natural environment of the mountain forests, and where he also pursued his passion for hunting.
He maintained the requisite fitness by exercising every day, continuing his daily regime in old age. This is also the reason why he was able to get his helicopter pilot licence renewed on a regular basis until only recently. "Well, you have place demands on your body," was his motto.

In May 2010, Dr Hans Riegel was admitted into the French "Légion d`Honneur", an honour which has so far been bestowed on very few foreigners in recognition of their outstanding achievements. This decoration, established by Emperor Napoleon, is France's highest order of merit with a military background.

Dr Hans Riegel decided the fate of the HARIBO company for 67 years, making him Germany's oldest serving CEO. It is therefore not surprising that the management of the HARIBO brand primarily bore his own, unique signature style: The German original of the world-famous advertising jingle "Kids and grown-ups love it so – the happy world of Haribo" has been around since the mid-1930s, although the grown-ups were not included until 1960. The long-standing German marketing partnership with TV moderator Thomas Gottschalk, who has featured in all HARIBO advertisements for the past 23 years, is almost legendary, and had long since developed into a personal friendship.

Dr Riegel's most recent business successes were due in particular to innovative new products, such as "Fruity-Frutti", "Pandas" and "Fizzy Cola", and the decision to secure and expand Germany as a production location in the long term.

For decades, Dr Hans Riegel's creativity and determination have had a major impact on the German and international confectionery industry.

Dr Hans Riegel passed away on 15 October 2013 at the age of 90.   

Dr Hans Riegel dedicated his life to HARIBO, passionately pursuing the vision that the HARIBO brand should bring a ray of sunshine into people's everyday lives right until the end.

Paul Riegel

Paul Riegel

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