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Liquorice - grated, boiled and poured into moulds

The raw material used for all liquorice products is the root stock of the liquorice bush (Glycyrrhiza glabra). The roots are dug up, washed, peeled, dried then grated and boiled in water. The result is a thick, black mass that is poured into blocks before cooling. These standard, rock-hard 5 kg raw liquorice blocks are then delivered to the HARIBO production line for further processing.

In the HARIBO "kitchen"

In the HARIBO "kitchen" the liquorice blocks are crushed first and these pieces are dissolved in hot water. However, at least three per cent liquorice extract must be contained for the typical liquorice taste of the different types. Depending on the product, sugar, glucose syrup, wheat flour, modified starches or gelatine, salt and other flavourings can be added to the raw liquorice. The consistency and formability of the liquorice products is determined by the addition of starches or gelling agents.

Poured and pressed liquorice

Lakritz Press

A basic distinction is made between poured and pressed liquorice (also known as soft liquorice). In the case of poured liquorice, the basic product is boiled into a thick syrup and then poured using casting equipment into boxes with negative moulds made of corn starch. After the mass has dried, the liquorice parts are polished to a shine using beeswax and carnauba wax.
In contrast, pressed liquorice is boiled and then pressed into shape (e.g. snails) by means of extrusion i.e. through a nozzle under high temperatures and at high pressure.

Liquorice confectionary

Lakritz Konfekt

To create liquorice confectionary, pressed liquorice is combined with sugar pastes in various different flavours. This creates dice with a number of layers, as in the liquorice/coconut combination, with real coconut, one of the absolute classics of HARIBO.

Sugar-coated liquorice dragées

Lakritz dragiert

To make dragées a liquorice core is coated with a layer of sugar.

Combined liquorice

Lakritz Vampire

The combined products are made of poured liquorice. Fruit gum and liquorice are poured into a mould together. This is how the popular HARIBO VAMPIRES are made, for example.

Salty liquorice

Lakritz Salz

Salty liquorice is a speciality which contains a higher salmiak proportion of up to two percent. Generally, such products are also candied.

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