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We've put together a list of answers to the most frequently asked questions.


Where does the name HARIBO come from?

The name HARIBO comes from HAns RIegel BOnn. Hans Riegel was the founder of the company, born in 1898 in Friesdorf (a region of Bonn, Germany). In 1920, the company was registered into the Bonn trade register as HARIBO, an acronym of the his name and the place Bonn.

Can I buy just one flavor/color of HARIBO GOLD-BEARS?

Sortenreine Goldbären

In the US, we don’t sell bags of one specific flavor or color of the Gold-Bears.  We know that the variety of flavors and colors are two of the things that make HARIBO fans love it so! We’re really sorry if you’re a fan who prefers a specific flavor or color, but at least that gives you an extra reason to share your HARIBO which is one thing that makes it so fun!

Do HARIBO products contain any allergens?

The following Haribo products contain wheat flour: Sour S'ghetti, Fruity Pasta,  Black Licorice Wheels, and Red Licorice Wheels.  Strawberries & Cream contain milk.


Does HARIBO offer factory tours?

The production of HARIBO products is subject to extremely high and internationally standardized hygiene and quality standards. The "International Food Standard“ (IFS) serves to ensure the highest possible levels of food safety for the consumer. This means that in order to protect the entire production and filling process it is not possible for groups of visitors to be shown through the factories.

What are the flavors of the HARIBO GOLD-BEARS?

The white Gold-Bear is Pineapple; the green Gold-Bear is Strawberry; the yellow Gold-Bear is Lemon; the orange Gold-Bear is Orange; and the red Gold-Bear is Raspberry.

Are HARIBO products kosher?

Haribo products are not kosher. There is however, a kosher line of Haribo sold exclusively through Paskesz.

Are HARIBO Products HALAL?

ONLY Haribo products that are manufactured in our factory in Turkey are halal.  You can find the country of origin on the back of all our packages.

Can I purchase HARIBO products from other countries?

It is not possible to purchase HARIBO products from other countries.  If the product you are interested in is not included under the PRODUCTS section of this website, it is not available in the United States.  It is not possible to order the item directly through any Haribo facility.

Does HARIBO offer Donations?

Haribo of America, Inc. is dedicated to giving back to the local communities we serve.  Charitable donations of Haribo products are limited to 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations located in the State of Maryland.  Donations in support of community goodwill to public/private schools, churches, U.S. Military and other organizations are at the discretion of Haribo of America, Inc.  In order to be considered, your organization must meet the following criteria and provide 90 days advance notice:

-- A registered non-profit, charitable organization with current 501(c)(3) status of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code or a public/private school or a U.S. Military organization.

-- A charitable organization or event is located in the State of Maryland.

-- Donations are limited to 10lbs of product per one organization within a 12-month period.

--All donations are to be picked up at Haribo of America, Inc.'s headquarters.

We ask that any requests are sent to us using our contact form here on the website. If you go to Contact and add your inquiry will be sent directly to the right person in the HARIBO team to deal with it.

Can I buy HARIBO products directly from you?

HARIBO products are available on-line at amazon.com. You can also check the PRODUCT LOCATOR section of this website to see where you can buy HARIBO gummi candy in your area.

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