Sweet, sour, fruit or tangy – we have it all.

Variety of HARIBO gummi pieces

Everything first-rate, from the ingredients to the Goldbear. Why? Because we do everything in our power to make it that way.

Flavor expert testing the scent of the Goldbears

Attention to detail goes into each and every Goldbear. How? Take a look inside our production process.

Employee examining finished fruit gummy figures

1,000+ products

HARIBO makes over 1,000 products worldwide.

Variety of colorful product pieces

Since 2014, HARIBO's iconic advertising campaigns have spread smiles and a sprinkling of mischief by depicting adults going about their daily routines while playfully speaking with kids’ voices and mannerisms. Today, we are pulling back the curtain on how the magic is made with the release of a new behind-the-scenes video, showing the origins and how the advertisement's success has spread around the world.

Boardroom Screenshot 01

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