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Welcome to the HARIBO of America Job Market Page

HARIBO of America is committed to the principles of Equal Employment Opportunity. Applications are encouraged from individuals regardless of an applicants’ race, religion, color, age, gender, ancestry or national origin, citizenship, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, veteran status, or other protected group status.

If you are interested in any of the job openings listed and meet the necessary requirements, please email your resume and cover letter to careers-us@haribo.com.

We are interested in candidates that have high standards of performance and demonstrate potential to grow with our business and team. A few core competencies we recognize and seek to develop include entrepreneurship, drive for results, learning agility, and excellent communication skills. We unleash our fullest potential by hiring fun people with positive attitudes who thrive with high levels of engagement.

New HARIBO Associates

Katie Kowalczyk

Joined in October 2017

“HARIBO checked off all of the criteria I was looking for in a career; great people, fun products, a global company, and a focus on growth and innovation!”

I love football! - When I'm not watching football, I enjoy exercising and spending time with my husband and our two cats.

Timothy Lamanno

Joined in October 2017

“I joined HARIBO because it’s exciting to join an organization with an amazing brand, smart and energetic associates, and limitless potential for growth.”

Tim enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter; especially going for long walks with their dog and going to the park. Tim also enjoys soccer and hockey, traveling, and playing guitar.

Elisa Phillips, Receptionist

Joined in September 2017

“I enjoy working with a team that feels like a family and is always willing to help and work as a team.” 

Elisa enjoys running marathons and teaching group fitness classes! She also enjoys traveling and eating at new restaurants with her fiancé. 

Jaclyn Heuser, Accounts Receivables Specialist

Joined in September 2017

“I joined HARIBO because of the ability to grow with a company that not only values your input, but the integrity of its brand and the importance of a quality environment."

In her spare time, Jaclyn travels throughout the United States to play original music on trumpet, guitar, and piano.

Emmanuel Green, IT Administrator

Joined in September 2017

“HARIBO really cares about their associates and their families, and there is no other place like it.”

Emmanuel loves video gaming, music, politics, and spending lots of time with his four children.

Christopher Avery, Vice President of Customer Marketing

Joined in August 2017

"It is evident to me that there is a strong and positive corporate culture that rewards an entrepreneurial approach, appreciates Associates for their skills and competencies and places emphasis on teamwork & collaboration, both internally and externally. For these, and other reasons I joined H and look forward to assisting the team further build on their outstanding performance results!"

I am a passionate sports enthusiast and am fortunate to be a Chicago Bears Season ticket holder.  (Yes, I stick with them through the good times & bad.). My emotions at Bears games have been documented and shared with the greater Chicagoland area on more than one occasion via the Chicago Tribune. And yes, I have occasionally been known to paint my face & go 'all in' for those big games!

Besa Ramadani, Sales Financial Analyst

Joined in July 2017

"From the moment I walked in, I felt right at home! Everyone is friendly and always willing to help."

I enjoy cooking and baking on the weekends for my family. 

Lindsey Honea, Customer Category Analyst

Joined in July 2017

"I am excited for the growth opportunities at HARIBO."

In her spare time, Lindsey enjoys spending time with her two nephews. 

Wesley Harris, National Account Manager

Joined in July 2017

"I joined HARIBO because of the people and the culture and all of the growth potential in front of this company. I wanted to have a chance to be a part of something special."

Wesley is an avid sports fan, and is especially passionate about soccer, and continues to play whenever he can. He loves to travel and experience new places and cultures with his family.​

Hanne Fust, Executive Assistant/Business Development Analyst

Joined in June 2017

“I love working for a company that is still family owned!”

Hanne loves to run and has already registered for the Chicago Half-Marathon that will take place in September. 

Ana Sierra, Customer Success Specialist

Joined in June 2017

“I joined HARIBO because they made me feel like I was family from the get go. I could see how passionate everyone is and how much heart they put into HARIBO's vision. I want to put my heart in this family too!”

Ana loves music festivals, dancing, reading and tacos!   She also enjoys spending time with her daughter and family.

Marina Mincheva, Quality Assurance/Quality Control Manager

Joined in May 2017

“HARIBO is a family owned, international company with a passion for quality and a focus on taking care of people – all key elements for taking my career to the next stage” 

Marina loves hiking and traveling. Marina and her husband enjoy going to music concerts, tennis tournaments and standup comedy shows.

Meredith Blackburn, National Account Manager

Joined in March 2017

"The company has global scale and provides an opportunity for significant growth.  HARIBO is a family company that values its employees which is important to me."

Meredith loves traveling with her husband, cooking and spending time with her puppy Pearl.  She enjoys giving back, believes in paying it forward, and values memories and experiences more than tangible gifts.  Meredith is always looking for a new adventure.

Ryan Harris, National Account Manager

Joined in March 2017

“I joined HARIBO because of the growth opportunities and tremendous culture.  I immediately felt right at home and excited to be a part of such a dynamic and growing organization.”

In his spare time, Ryan enjoys being with his family as well as coaching and watching the many sports activities of his three children.

Wayne Ivarson, Junior Customer Success Associate

Joined in February 2017

“I think that there is a lot of growth potential at HARIBO. Everyone here works together well, and I am excited to be a part of a great team like HARIBO."

Wayne loves to fly his helicopter, whether his trips are planned or spontaneous he is always ready for his next adventure.

Georgia Tottas, Executive Assistant

Joined in February 2017

“I felt excitement from the minute I walked into the door for the interview. Now that I have been here for a while, I am impressed with the exceptional team work from all associates!"

Georgia is excited that her kids will be spending the whole summer in Greece with the family, and especially their cousins!

Kelly Thompson, Sales and Demand Planning Analyst

Joined in February 2017

“I liked the family atmosphere and how everyone is willing to work towards the same goal and get the job done."

While she is not busy working, Kelly is working out or spending time with her family!

Lacy Cortez, Operations Finance Manager
Joined in October 2016

“I am very impressed by how much HARIBO values their associates. Everyone has been very nice and welcoming. I am excited to be part of the team”

Lacy is on the athletic board at her son's school and enjoys coaching volleyball. She stays busy with her husband, two kids, and two dogs. Lacy and her husband enjoy vacations and creating memories with their kids and extended family. 

Katie Jacobs, Regional Manager, Southern Region
Joined in October 2016

"The history and culture is what attracted me to HARIBO, and then I met the people that work here. They are full of drive, passion, and energy! I am excited to be working for a company that has a collaborative, and supportive family-like work environment."  

Katie enjoys photography, sports, working out, spending time with her family & dogs, and living in the Lone Star state of Texas. Katie is pictured here with her two dogs, Delilah and Reggie in her home town of Texas.  

Alexandra "Lexie" Bennett, Process & Project Management Office Manager
Joined in October 2016

“I love that it is a small company and being the Process & Project Manager allows me the opportunity to work with different associates in various departments and help make their projects run smoother.”

Lexie loves photography, crafts, trying new foods, and traveling to new places with her spouse. They recently traveled to Scotland over the summer, where she is pictured here.

Keith Danoff, VP of Marketing
Joined in August 2016

“I love working with a product that makes me smile. Being in marketing, it’s important to me to work with a brand that I feel evokes such positive emotions. There are great people here at HARIBO with a strong entrepreneurial spirit.”

Picture of Keith traveling. He loves to travel and trying new things. This photo was taken in Santiago Chile.

Ekta Mahajan, Supply Chain Manager
Joined in July 2016

“I love the people at HARIBO. I like the energy and diversity here. Everyone being relatively new to the company, they bring in diverse experience and ideas to help achieve the goals of the company.”

Ekta loves travelling and has visited 18 countries and 6 continents so far! Rome, Italy has been her favorite thus far. She likes knowing the different cultures and history of the places she travels to.

Jenica Bridges, Customer Marketing Manager
Joined in July 2016

“There is a sense of heritage here. The organization is not just focused on transactions, but the growth and development of their associates."

Jenica has gone on 50-mile bike rides and is a member of a local cycling club. She rides both for fitness and to free her mind.

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