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Aromatic delicious licorice!

The raw material of licorice products is the rootstock of the licorice bush (Glycyrrhiza glabra). The roots are washed, peeled, dried and finally, rasped and cooked with water. The result is a black viscid mass which is casted in blocks before it’s finally cooled. These usual, very hard licorice blocks are delivered at HARIBO’s production site for further production processes.


In HARIBO’s kitchen

Firstly, the licorice blocks are cut into smaller pieces and dissolved in hot water. Depending on the products being produced, ingredients such as sugar, glucose, wheat flour, starch or gelatin, salt and diverse flavors are added to the raw licorice. The proportions of starch and gelatin influence the consistency and formability of licorice products.



Our HARIBO LICORICE WHEELS are pressed licorice. The licorice blocks are cooked and finally pressed through a pipe under extremely high temperature and pressure.

The ingredients

Without the licorice bush (Glycyrrhiza glabra) there would be no licorice. The blue-lilac flowering bushes achieve a height of 3 to 6 feet. The licorice bush is native to the Mediterranean region and Central Asian countries.

The root stock of the licorice bush

Lakritz Süssholz

The heavily branched, finger thick roots which have runners that can extend for up to 24 feet are harvested in late autumn. A complex procedure produces a thick, black liquid from the root, the starting point for licorice production.

Additional ingredients

Depending on the product being produced, ingredients such as sugar, corn syrup, wheat flour, modified starches or gelatin, salt and other flavorings are added to the raw licorice.

The consistency and formability of licorice is controlled by the proportion of starches or gelling agents added. The relevant compositions of all these ingredients results in the various HARIBO licorice products.


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