Cops & robbers for HARIBO’s "Kids’ voices"

HARIBO has returned to our TV screens, delivering the latest instalment of its award-winning campaign ‘Kids’ Voices’.

The new 20-second advert, which is on air throughout the year, captures two police officers on a routine job monitoring the speed of motorists on a particularly quiet stretch of road.

Their imaginations soon come to life when one of the officers opens a bag of HARIBO Starmix. Inspiring his colleague to release his ‘inner child’, the duo use the iconic sweets from Starmix to make up an elaborate tale of cops and robbers.

Once again capturing the magic of this long-running campaign, each adult character is voiced by kids and is a real celebration of the playful imagination associated with child-like happiness.

Jon Hughes, Managing Director of HARIBO UK, comments:

"There is a great deal of love for our TV adverts and this latest installment captures child-like happiness perfectly. We’re certainly expecting lots of re-enactments of this latest scene, which features our nation’s heroes! The advert is light-hearted, fun and it raises a smile - just like our treats."

HARIBO "Kids’ Voices" is a theme designed to build on the emotional promise of the brand – to bring out the "Inner Child". It forms part of a multi-million-pound campaign that will also showcase HARIBO’s top-selling sweets Starmix, Tangfastics and Supermix.

Two police men in their car eating HARIBO starmix

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